Gutter cleaning can be an obnoxious and potentially dangerous task, however many homeowners find it necessary. This is because debris can easily clog up your downspouts, diverting rainwater elsewhere and causing a whole host of problems in your home. Having water that sits on your roof or in your gutters with nowhere else to go can lead to costly home repairs later. However, with gutter guards on your gutters, there will be less chance for debris to get trapped in them, meaning you don’t have to clean as often.


The first step is to install a downspout screen. This strainer molds to the correct shape to fit over your downspout and keeps leaves and large debris from entering. This is the most common reason for your gutters and drains being clogged, so installing this screen is essential if you want to reduce the necessity of cleaning. Your screen should provide instructions for installation, but usually it is as easy as placing it closed end upwards inside the gutter. The tension will usually hold the screen in place, so that installation is easy. This is one of many ways that you can use gutter guards in your home.


Although guarding your downspout may be sufficient in some areas, you will want more protection if you live in an area with a lot of trees that may drop leaves and other items throughout the fall. Although guards for your gutters may be pricey, they can pay off in the end if you have a heavily wooded lawn and don’t want to clean constantly. However, don’t forget that you still need to clean your gutters out occasionally, as guards won’t catch everything and small debris is likely to build up over time. Install your gutter guards and downspout guards before your leaves start to fall in order to protect your gutters from getting clogged and improve the health of your home.